The Richmond Chapter of Delicados Inc.

Welcome to the official web site of Richmond Chapter of the National Delicados, Inc.  Located in Richmond, VA., The women of the Greater Richmond Chapter come together to carry out the ideas of Delicados, “To Promote Unity and Friendship among chapters and to engage in civil, cultural, and social activities in the world community".

For the past 34 years The Richmond Delicados have worked in Richmond to carry out their mission to make an even greater impact in the community and to maintain their sisterly bond in the World of Delicados.

The Richmond Chapter of Delicados is dedicated to supporting various community organizations through financial contributions and volunteering their time.  Some of the organizations and activities that have been supported are: emergency and youth shelters, youth homes, adult and nursing homes, Safe Harbor and YMCA Battered Women’s Shelter, Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, Camp Bright Moments (a Sickle Cell Camp) Sickle Cell families, March of Dimes Walk America, Gold Bowl Classic Information Center, United Negro College Fund, Grace House, First Impressions (an organization to help cloth the women returning to the work force), Ronald McDonald House and self-esteem workshops for teenage boys.

2018 Delicado Picture
Front (left to Right):  Helen Carter, Sandra Kennedy, Almeaer Smith-Alston, Gloria Wyche, Joyce Carter, Frances Atkinson, Sherrethia Lowe, Joice Conyers; 2nd row (left to right):  Evelyn Carter, Cynthia Brown Gwendolyn Dorman, Sylvia Smith Dyer (deceased), Jerlys Barham  3rd row (left to right):  Elaine Wright, Alice Creighton, Sandra Edmonds, Sally Jones   4th (left to right):  LaVerne Spurlock, Irlene Kemp), Shelley White, Bernetta Williams, Mary Gay  5th row (Left to right):  Hattie Webb, Sheryl Carter-Thompson, Sheron Carter-Gunter, Thelma Pettis, Bridgette Watkins;  Last row (left to right): Shirley Moore, Willette Sharpe, Ardella Payne Not shown:  Wylena Carter, Gerri Carter-Thurston, Rose Ferguson, Lillian Greene, Cheryl Hunt, Shirley Logan, and Delores Quash.


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