About Us

Our Purpose

To promote unity and friendship among the chapters and to engage in civic, cultural, and social activities in the world community.

Our Mission

The Richmond Delicados continue to strive to make an even greater impact in the community and to maintain their sisterly bond in the World of Delicados.

Who We Are

Delicados, Incorporated was organized in June, 1948 in Norfolk, Virginia. In April, 1960, they decided to expand and became chartered as the Delicados, Incorporated. Chapters were chartered beginning with Washington, DC in June, 1961.

The Richmond Chapter was the eighth chapter to be chartered, in May, 1984. Other chapters are: Portsmouth, VA; Raleigh, NC; Annapolis, MD; Chesapeake, VA; Baltimore, MD; Virginia Beach, VA and St. Mary’s County, MD.

Get to know us! View the Richmond Chapter Delicados: “Through the Years” scrapbook. 

Currently our members include women from Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville and King William County. We are divided into regional clusters with names such as:  East-West Crossing, South of the James, Richmond North, Henrico Heights and Parham Park.  Each Cluster and several committees have the responsibility of acquiring a place to meet and arrange for lunch and plan a fun activity. Our members all serve on more than one committee, offering their experiences, resources and expertise for the project.

Meet Our Officers

Sherrethia L. Lowe, MBA

Sherrethia was inducted into the Richmond Chapter of Delicados, Incorporated in 2014.  On the day of my induction, I volunteered to serve as our Recording Secretary a position I held until 2019.  I was elected Chapter President in June 2021.  I am Tri-Chair for our 2024 Conclave.  I am the Chapter’s Rosebud.  I have chaired and served on several committees.  Since 2019, I have served as National Recording Secretary. I volunteer my time and talent locally and nationally to assist my Delicado sisters.

Evelyn T. Carter


Evelyn was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 1990.  She has served as Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Chaplain of the Richmond Chapter and Sergeant-at-Arms and Chaplain of National Delicados, Inc.  Evelyn has been very active on many committees and served as chair of several.  Evelyn was “Rosebud” for the Richmond Chapter in 2007.

Cheryl D. Hunt
Cheryl D. Hunt

Recording Secretary

Cheryl was inducted into the Delicados in 2004. She has served as Recording Secretary previously and is currently the Recording Secretary, Conclave Tri-Chair and Outreach Committee Chairperson.  She has also served as Corresponding Secretary, Vice President and Rosebud. 

Mary Gay

Assistant Recording Secretary

Mary Gay was inducted into the Richmond Chapter of Delicados in 1988.  She has served as Chaplain, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Vice President,
and President of the organization. Mary also served as chairperson of the Health Committee. She especially enjoyed volunteering at Camp Bright Moments a camp
for children with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Alice Creighton
Alice Creighton

Financial Secretary

Alice was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2000. She has served as Treasurer and Financial Secretary of the Richmond Chapter. She was
Richmond’s 2016 “Rosebud”.

Elaine Wright
Elaine Wright


Elaine was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2000. She has served as Vice President, President, Executive Adviser and Treasurer of the Richmond Chapter and National Vice President. She was Richmond’s “Rosebud” for 2013.

Margaret S. Borders
Margaret S. Borders

Corresponding Secretary

Margaret was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2020. She currently serves as  Chair of the Amenities Committee and serves on both the Outreach and the Budget & Finance Committees.

Joyce Carter


Dr. Hattie D. Webb
Dr. Hattie D. Webb


Hattie D. Webb was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2008. She has served as Recording Secretary and Co-Chairman of the Audit Committee and currently serves as Historian and Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Richmond Chapter.  On the National level, she is Co-Chairman of the Music Committee.

Cathey Jackson
Cathey Jackson


Cathey  was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2018. She currently serves as the Reporter. She has previously served in the capacity of Founder’s Day Committee Chairman.

Thelma Pettis
Thelma Pettis


Thelma is one of Richmond Chapter’s Founding Members when they joined Delicados, Inc. in 1984. Thelma has served as Vice President, President and Executive Adviser of Richmond Chapter and Vice President, President and Executive Adviser of National Delicados, Inc. She was Richmond’s “Rosebud” for 1995. She continues to be an active member of the organization.

Cathy L. Jolley
Cathy L. Jolley


Cathy was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2017. She currently serves as Chaplain and chair of the Health Committee.

Shelly White
Shelley R. White

Executive Advisor

Shelley was inducted into the Richmond Chapter of Delicados, Inc. in 1986. She recently fulfilled terms as President from 2017 – 2021. Through the years she also carried out duties of Vice President, Executive Advisor, President, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.  Shelley has been very active on many committees and served as chair of several. She was the Chapter’s Rosebud in 2002 and Co-Chair of Richmond’s 2013 Conclave. Shelley has participated on the National Board, and engaged in a number of community outreach activities on behalf of the Chapter. 

Sherrethia Lowe
Sherrethia Lowe
“Rosebud” 2020

Sherrethia was inducted into Delicados, Inc. in 2014. She has served as Richmond Chapter’s Recording Secretary from her induction until she became National Recording Secretary in 2019. Sherrethia is Richmond’s 2020 “Rosebud”.

Our Members

Frances AtkinsonJerlys BarhamMargaret BoardersCynthia Brown
Evelyn CarterJoyce CarterWylena CarterSheron Carter-Gunter
Sheryl Carter-ThompsonJoice ConyersAlice CreightonSandra Davis
Gwendolyn DormanSandra EdmondsRita Garrett-FosterMary Gay
Lillian GreeneNeila GunterCheryl HuntCathey Jackson
Cathy JolleySally JonesSandra KennedySherrethia Lowe
Ardella PayneThelma PettisDelores QuashWillette Sharpe
Almeater Smith-AlstonLaVerne SpurlockHattie WebbShelley White
Elaine WrightGloria Wyche

Emeritus Members

Jeryls Barham

Local members who also hold National Delicados officer positions

Local members who also hold national positions.
[left to right]
Sherrethia Lowe, National Recording Secretary
Evelyn Carter, National Chaplain
Dr. Joice Conyers, National President
Sheron Carter-Gunter, National Secretary of Archives

[not pictured]
Sheryl Carter-Thompson, National Editor
Wylena Carter, Registered Agent


Thelma Pettis
, former National Delicados President
– current local member